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As a soloist, Les has performed all over the world.  He regularly visits countries throughout Europe and has also performed in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South America and USA.

Such is his versatility, performances range from full evening recitals with piano to concertos with Symphony Orchestra.

His energy and enthusiasm will draw the listener into the performance and leave the audience convinced that the tuba can be seen as a creditable solo instrument.

Fine Arts Brass

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Formed in 1980 the ensemble took the name of the place of its first rehearsal, The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, at Birmingham University. The group's enduring success is due to its uncanny chameleon-like adaptability to different audiences. Ranging from educational concerts to broadcasts suitable for BBC Radios 2, 3 or 4. With the combination of their unique versatility of sound, eminent humour and passion for the music they play, it is easy to see why they have toured to over 60 countries and performed in just about every music festival in the UK.


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For more than 2 decades Tubalaté has been one of the country's leading professional brass ensembles. Being the first ever tuba-euphonium ensemble to graduate and be awarded the prestigious Professional Performance Diploma from the Royal Northern College of Music, Tubalaté have been at the forefront of instrumental and repertory development.
Their wide range of styles and flexibility of performance has gained them an international reputation for promoting the dynamic development of brass chamber music, regularly presenting familiar music contrasted with exciting new commissions, generating a repertoire which is innovative and unique.

Brass Band Battle Creek


This band represents the beginning of a new music movement in America. Their music is exciting, wholesome, and All - American! It's one of the most accomplished groups I've ever worked with in my entire career." Doc Severinsen

The 31-member Brass Band of Battle Creek has been described as an All-Star band of the brass and percussion world's elite, attracting great musicians from around the United States and Europe to play two annual concerts in Battle Creek as well as a limited number of other engagements in handpicked locations in the U.S. and abroad. Though rooted in the British brass band tradition characterized by larger ensembles of strictly brass and percussion, (no reed instruments or strings) the BBBC also weaves in American elements such as jazz improvisation, pops and swing, resulting in a hybrid style that makes the BBBC truly unique among brass bands.