Video Clips

Flight of the Bumble Bee
Les 'attempts' to break the world record for the fastest Flight of the Bumble Bee!! ;-)
Hungarian Rondo
A small clip from the practice room as Les prepares for a solo concert in Argentina.
Loch Lomond - Tubalate
Tubalate perform Mike Forbes' arrangement of Loch Lomond
The Prayer
David and Les produced this stunning performance with Kingdom Brass in concert, on the 5th Feb 2011 at the Howden Centre, Livingston. The band was conducted by Anne Crookston
Les Bleus
Composed by Andy Scott for Astute Music. An outrageous journey through a blues for solo tuba! Opening with blues changes being outlined via multiphonics and tongue stops before moving onto a funkier walking bass section, Les Bleus moves through big band-like swing and fast be-bop sections, via two-octave glissses, doinks and extreme intervals and ranges.
Banff - Alpine Symphony
The complete video of an epic performance of Alpine Symphony in Banff, Canada with the All Star Brass!!
Pines of Rome - All Star Brass
The All Star Brass was born out of a concept that developed after hearing the string quartet recordings of Stern, Perlman, Zukerman, and Ma. I decided that I wanted to form a collective of the greatest brass soloists in the world, who all had independent careers but wanted to get together for the synergy of playing live chamber music. The challenge was to coordinate everyone’s insane schedule, rehearse for three days, and then record a live concert for posterity—trying to feature only compositions and arrangements that had never been done before. The setting? The highly inspirational Banff Centre located in the majestic Canadian Rockies. - Jens Lindemann, Artistic Director
Double Trouble
Tuba virtuosi Les Neish & James Gourlay perform Barbara Thompson's composition, "Double Trouble" at the launch party for the CD of the same name. Released on the Egon Label, the album features compositions for tuba by Barbara Thompson and Andy Scott. Les and James perform solos, duets, and with Tubulaté and the famous Foden's Brass Band.

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